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Our Story

The areas first ramen-ya, or ramen shop is here. Noodlefun will serve a variety of ramen noodle bowls. Rich pork based tonkotsu ramen, a light and flavorful chicken based shio ramen, and an intensely deep, roasted vegetable and dried mushroom ramen for the vegetarian diners, will round out our everyday menu. Expect to see special versions of ramen to appear on the menu as well.  

While the noodles and broth will be our "bread and butter", we will also offer some favorite dishes found commonly in the izakayas, or pubs of Japan. Cold noodle salads, spring rolls, potstickers, and steamed bun sandwiches will be welcome additions to any bowl of ramen.

Noodlefun is committed to our community and will actively seek out local sources whenever possible. Local artists have contributed to our decor, and our ramen bowls have been custom made by a local ceramicist. We maintain local sources for our food as well. We will be utitilizing relationships fostered at our sister restaurant, West & Main, to bring the best Ohio's farmers and animal producers have to offer.

We are honored to begin serving the community -- whether or you are a local or a new friend, it is our pleasure to host you. We look forward to welcoming you to Noodlefun!

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